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    CelSian is an employee owned engineering consultancy from The Netherlands, with academic roots from TNO glass group. Their well trained, multi-disciplinary team works worldwide on customer projects. We support the glass industry with on site support, process optimization software, R&D cooperation and our Academy.

    We have worked on more than 30% of active furnaces worldwide. Based on our leading software we have implemented our models to optimize glass properties, deliver savings in energy and/or increasing furnace lifetime. Our academy have trained more than 1750 participants across the globe.

    Our products and services aim to deliver value to the glass manufacturing chain in the areas of:-

      - Furnace support

      - Process optimization

      - Knowledge transfer

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    Inspection is our life.

    Digital Control offers solutions for the management of automatic lines and control systems

    Our main mission is to follow the customer in all phases of product development, from design to installation and final testing, bringing a higher quality of the final product, in compliance with safety standards!:-

      - Vision Control System

      - Ejectors

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    Electric glass melting specialists Electroglass Ltd of the UK have long recognised the importance of the glass making industry in India and are proud to have many long-standing customers in the country. Electroglass is also well aware of the current push in the industry to greatly improve energy efficiency, to reduce or eliminate harmful emissions and to lower production costs. It is my pleasure to announce that to better service India’s glassmakers Electroglass has appointed ARCV’S TECHNOLOGY’S as its sales and technical representative in the Indian Territory.

    Electroglass has more than 40 years’ experience as specialists and world leaders in electric glass melting and conditioning. Electroglass technology focuses on these key objectives -

      - Maximising Energy Efficiency

      - Minimising Energy Cost

      - Improving Glass Quality

      - Maximising Output

      - Reducing or Eliminating Combustion Emissions

    Principal systems and equipment developed, designed, manufactured and supplied by Electroglass are -

      - All-Electric Furnaces, Electric Distributors and Forehearths

      - Convection Current Control (CCC) high efficiency Electric Boosting

      - Automatic Throat Heating Systems

      - Temptrim Forehearth Heating for maximum thermal homogeneity

      - Water-cooled Electrode Holders and Dry-type Electrodes

      - Continuous Controlled Drain systems (CCD)

      - Precision Control Bubbler Systems for melting temperature homogeneity

      - Glass Level Sensors

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    FRATELLI PEZZA was founded in 1970 and started its activity as a manufacturer of industrial plants and machinery, shifting soon its focus towards the glass machinery sector. The company represents leading edge technology in the manufacture of sandblasting and marking equipment for flat glass, thanks to the creativity and technical skillfulness of its founder Alessandro Pezza, the person who actually invented the fully automatic sandblaster for flat glass. The enterprise constantly concentrates on R&D, looking for innovative solutions from both the technical and functional point of view. These efforts resulted in the newest version of the Mistral series, the Mistral EVOLUTION, and in the marking equipments EASYMARKER EV and EASYMARKER UP, that allow marking the glass in both vertical and horizontal position in a fully automatic way.

    After sales service

    Fratelli Pezza offers to its customers an effective and qualified after-sales service. Directly or through local partners and distributors, any technical issue is solved quickly, and the supplies of all spare-parts and accessories are made in a timely manner, thanks to the wide stock availability. The Fratelli Pezza sandblasting machines come with a full 24 month warranty, a testament to their proven quality and reliability.

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    100 years experience in design and production of glass working machines.

    For more than 100 years we have been designing glass machines for cast glass, rolled glass, solar glass, patterned glass, as well as wired and flat glass manufacturing. Each machine is tailored to the customer’s demands, to enable the customer to meet continuously growing requirements on quality and output rates.

    Our gross bandwidths range from 300 mm to 3400 mm. Depending on the melting rate of the glass production line, our machines can achieve glass production capacities from 30 to 250 t a day. Having produced more than 200 plants (more than 100 of them - in the last 10 years), we can resort to consolidated know-how. Therefore, we feel up to any challenge. Being a family-owned enterprise, we are able to make quick decisions and promptly respond to customer requirements. Our goal is to enter and to maintain long-term relationships with customers. From today’s point of view, we have probably delivered the majority of all solar glass production lines that are now running worldwide.

    We would be glad to assist you in your projects. Both in production and in research.

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    Glass Service S.r.l.

    is a company that provides solutions for the glass industry .

    Glass Service is pioneer in providing solutions from Batch Plant to Forming, Robot machine, Heat recuperators to Turnkey projects for all types of glass ( Borosilicate , Soda – Lime, Lead Crystal or Special Glasses).

    Due to its experience on reliance, Glass Service is the Italian preferred system integrator for Comau Robotics and Honeywell Process Control for the glass Industry.

    We would be glad to assist you in your projects (New projects & cold repair projects or major repairs, production and in research & Development).

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    Grafotec, based in Diedorf/Bavaria, Germany, is one of the world's leading specialists for separator application systems. For more than a quarter century, we have been a proven leader and reliable partner providing innovative, cutting edge solutions to the glass industry. Grafotec's application systems are specifically customized to match perfectly into any existing flat, float or auto glass production line - anywhere in the world. High tech products from Grafotec are always a step ahead. Whether a high-speed roller or spray nozzle system - Grafotec application systems always lead the way.

    Our application systems are characterized by:

      - Optimum adaptability

      - Outstanding process reliability

      - High degree of flexibility

      - Easy to use and control

      - Excellent price-performance ratio

      - Cost-efficient operating and economical maintenance

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    Keraglass brings an all-round approach to the glass industry.

    The company was founded in 1996 by Stefano Spezzani and within just over 20 years had successfully established itself on the international market, becoming a world leader in the glass processing sector, specialising in the design and production of high-tech solutions for tempering, lamination and decoration on glass.

    Reliability, solidity, professionalism and expertise: these are the guiding values of Keraglass, together with the desire and courage to look towards the future, staying ahead of its time and anticipating the emerging needs of a constantly evolving sector. Keraglass is an active company, with high-quality products that are built on experience, innovation, technique and research.

    Following are some systems

      - Oscillating and continious tempering

      - Combi

      - Heat soak test Oven

      - frame machine

      - Glass washing machine.

      - i Plotter- a digital ink jet plotter.

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    Machines, Variable Equipments, Services, for Hollow Glass Industry

    The LUBEN GLASS business is to create mechanical components, plants, and chemical products for the hollow glass industry. Flexibility is the standard by which to approach and develop project.

    The focus on production, the flexibile working method, the special care and attention paid to its customer's demands are the main features that distinguish LUBEN GLASS products.

    Our application systems are characterized by:

      - Mechanical equipments

      - Hot and Cold end equipments

      - Hot and Cold end Lubrication systems

      - Mould shop equipments

      - Chemical Products.

      - High degree of flexibility

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    Merkle International, Inc. is a supplier of proprietary suspended refractory systems and related equipment for high-temperature industrial furnaces. We work in the glass, copper, incineration, aluminum, steel, and minerals processing industries, and are known worldwide for providing high-quality equipment and service.

    Our Modu-Lok® suspended refractory system's some features are below :

      - The Modu-Lok system is simple to install;

      - It is built with pre-fired refractory shapes – having consistent quality, with a ceramic bond throughout;

      - Modu-Lok pre-fired refractory shapes are available in a wide range of material qualities to meet your specifications;

      - Modu-Lok construction can be insulated for thermal efficiency;

      - Modu-Lok pre-fired refractory shapes have heavy treads on all four sides to insure stability of the entire structure.

      - Modu-Lok has been used in construction of tied-back and supported walls, as well as for suspended roofs.

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    Schiavo has 40 Years passion and industry experience in the field of glass processing industry. A unique, high precision, high-Quality machineS for its customers use; please see the list below.

    Schiavo continuously invest in new technologies and research to offer the best solutions, sturdy and reliable machines. The trust of our customers ( business associate) is for SCHIAVO the most precious value.

    Our business associate trust us for follwing qualities;

    1. Reliability;
    2. Efficiency;
    3. Productivity;
    4. Simple to operate.

    Process machine list :

      - Vertical washing;

      - Vertical Glass Milling, drilling, and counter-sinking machine to obtain the notches ;

      - CNC cutting table;

      - Glass clamps;

      - Vacuum lifters;

      - Crossbelt edging machine;

      - Glass storage system.

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    SYNERGX Technologies is a global supplier, for the glass processing industry, of unique, high precision, inline, non- contact inspection systems designed to provide consistent quality, measurable payback and continuous production process improvements for its customers, who are the world’s leading glass manufacturers.

    Industries :

      - 3Dinline Metrology;

      - Appliances;

      - Architectural;

      - Automotive;

      - Solar.

Address: 202, Residency Apartment, Plot 62, Sector 2A, Kopar kherna Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra India, 400709. Contact No +919821021980, Email Id: &